Coach, Healer, Channeller in Light Language & Sacred songs

Gifted in Light Language, Sacred Song, Singing Bowls, Pineal Toning, Energy Works, Crystal & Sacred Symbol Healing, Meta-clinical Aroma Therapy, Raindrop Massage, Pet Wellness

Anne’s mission is to help in the raising of the human consciousness, appreciation of the central sun and mother earth, freedom from society’s stifling grip and the opening of pathways for intuition, empathy, wisdom and healing. She enjoys mentoring, coaching and sharing wisdom gained from her own spiritual journey.

As a highly accomplished professional, she is keenly aware of the corporate pressures and has helped many individuals discover their true self, find their purpose, harmonize their work life and develop their potentials in life.

Anne is an open channel to the planetary family, angels, ascended masters, guides and animal spirits. Her most prominent guides are Jesus and Mother Theresa. She has a strong lineage to the central sun and planetary star seeds wherein channeling, sound therapy, destiny divinations, numerology are natural inclinations. She has also awakened her mastery heritage in the ancient schools of mystery from Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Native America. One of her soul portaits is the white tiger, who has experienced darkness to now bears the torch to illuminate the path of light.

If you have found yourself here, and this information is resonating with you in this moment, then your Guides and Higher Selves have led you here, follow your Heart!  Connect with Anne Phey.

Anne Phey