Anubis on Consciousness, Spiritual Tourism and Love

Message from Anubis on Consciousness, Spiritual Tourism and Love

Received in Giza, Cairo, Egypt, 1oth February 2017

Who are you?

I AM Anubis.  People call me the Protector of the Underworld.

The veil between the worlds is so thin. What is above or under the world? What’s life before or after death? What moves across the world is your soul. The state of your soul is reflected in its consciousness. I assist in the transition of the soul and consciousness across dimensions.

I AM the Protector of Consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is an experience. What you experience is what you choose to perceive. What you perceive is what your view of the world is. Your view of the world is what you are learning.

When you call on me Anubis to protect you from evil, what does evil mean to you? You pray to seek reinforcement of your belief that you need protection.  That belief comes from your perception of good and evil. But what you are actually asking for is to confirm your desire or intention.  Your intention is for the goodness to triumph to have a smooth life or after life.  When your heart is pure in its desire, genuine and true, your prayers will be answered.  When your intentions are clear, it will manifest.

As your desires are being purified, belief systems fall away, vibrations and frequencies are raised, and intentions are manifest, your soul experiences an expansion of consciousness.

My role in your ask is to hold your vibrations, endorse your intention with honour, power and authority. I AM therefore protecting your consciousness in its expansion for you to realize your full potential.

Have you always been with us?

You are in (Egypt) the land which is multi-dimensional, where the veil is most thin. We come through the land, portals and dimensions that many are not aware or conscious of.

As humans who hold the light, do be extremely aware and conscious of who you are.

You are made up of energy fields in your physically body. Every cell and organ has its own consciousness, intention and experience individually. Yet integrated into one physical body with trillions of DNA with its own communication, senses and melding into a greater singular intention and experience.

I am here to remind you of your magnificence.  I am here to guide you, as you experience the different realms and frequencies, crossing into past and new territories and parallel time lines.  There is nothing to do, but everything to receive. Love, seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given – the raising of your consciousness or experience.  I am here to support you on your journey.

Is tourism helping spirituality this land?

There is little awareness of consciousness now from this land for this land.  Consciousness may have evolved early among the first on earth on this land, but it has gone underground.  The flowers in the dessert have huge torns.  There is beauty in the people and the land. Greed and superficial money making are the thorns that become self defence mechanism for survival.

There is no coincidence that you chance upon those who prey on spiritual seekers to make money in the name of spiritual tourism.  Allow this experience.  It is an opportunity to understand the people and to express your spiritual intentions clearly and firmly.  You will be led to places catered to tourists and full of marketplace noises. Quieten your heart. Be aware. Be perceptive. Be conscious.  Even in the noisiest market, one can find peace and enlightenment.  Listen to your intuition and act accordingly.  The guides are with you. I AM with you.

When you experience the dark, your light shines brighter and light will find you.  Another one from this land who has purity of heart and a desire in his soul, will be led to you.  Embark on the adventure with him and your light will raise his consciousness.  You will form a spiritual bond and you will both bring more spiritual experiences and awakening for those in this land and many from other lands.

What is love to you?

Some may find love in the same dimension or not.  Just as you have experienced so much uncontrollable laughter, my love fills me over the brim with joy, pure uncontrollable joy. It is a kind of love ecstacy that we experience in our ethereal body that explodes like a timeless orgasm. The love that brings out the best qualities and gifts in the other person is most pure.  Love and compassion are part of the experience and evolution of consciousness.


About Anubis:

Anubis is one of the most iconic god from Ancient Egypt in the earliest civilizations in the First Dynasty.

In the ancient Egyptian language, he was called Anpu or Inpu. This name has the same root as a word which means ‘a royal child.’  It is also related to the word “inp”, meaning “to decay”.

Anubis is the Greek name of the god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. It is usually depicted with a man with a golden jakal head. He is depicted in black, a colour that symbolized both rebirth and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming.

His parents are Nephthys and Set. Anubis’ consort is Anput (Goddess of mummification & funerals). His daughter is the serpent goddess Kebechet (deity of embalming liquid or cooling water).

Name in hieroglyphs
i n
w E16

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