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  • World’s Smallest Bento In A Watch: Slick Content Marketing & Mindfulness

    Four artists (a watch maker, a chef, a surgeon and a diorama artist) collaborated to create the world’s smallest bento that fits inside a wrist watch.

    I watched in awe the video on how an entire bento was made to fit inside a watch so that a man can eat his lunch on the go.

    It is actually an advertising campaign by Takii, a Japanese agriculture company focused on making high-quality seeds for nutritious fruits and vegetables.

    The message is simple. The Takii Phyto Rich vegetables are so packed with nutrients that all you need is can be packed into a wrist watch!

    Not only is it innovative, it communicates the message clearly.  It is so interesting that everyone wants to share it and talk about it!

    That’s how great content is!  Watch both the “making of” and the video on the world’s smallest bento in a wrist watch:

    World’s Smallest Bento Watch (Ad & Making of the Ad)

    As I look at the Bento Watch, I am reminded of how many amazing elements can fit into a watch and how cleverly each element was selected to fit in.  That is how much we too can cram into our infinite brain.

    Take only those elements that give you the nutrients and that’s all you need – love, compassion, creativity, courage, etc. Let go of anything else that does not give you nutrition – stress, ego, fear, excessive logic, etc.

    If we all had a beautiful mind in a watch, what would we want to put in there?

  • Time To Clean Out & Let Go

    In astrology, although mercury retrograde ends 25th January 1:50pm.  Its shadow period will last until 14th February.  We will continue to revisit our work, be clear of what we want to be, get organized and connect with key collaborators that support our goals. Jupiter is in retrograde from January until 9th May and its shadow will linger until 8th August. Jupiter signifies a time to hone our skills and connect with ourselves.

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  • Five Planets In Alignment In Singapore

    Five planets in Alignment: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venue & Mercury. For the first time in a decade, Singaporeans will be able to view a rare astronomical sighting.  Five planets — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury — will align in a straight line and will be seen together in the skies.

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  • Harness Energy Of Mercury Retrograde

    6 Jan 2016. Mercury retrograde.

    I launched Facebook community for The Hula Life to start sharing to raise self awareness & consciousness.

  • Ignite Success In The Fire Monkey Year of 2016

    Ignite Success in The Fire Monkey Year of 2016

    Discover the dynamism. Capture the opportunities. Circumvent disadvantages.
    Create success for yourself for at home and business.

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  • Success With FengShui & Essential Oils

    2016 Year of the Fire Monkey promises to be a dynamic year filled with both opportunities and challenges. Knowing what lies ahead can help you increase your success.

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  • New Birth Of Enlightenment On Winter Soltice

    This Sunday in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, we lighted the last candle to herald in the coming week of celebration of baby Jesus Christ.
    This is also the time for Winter Soltice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.
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