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12.12. Portal Opening

December 12, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

12.12. Portal

Date: Tue 12nd Decemeber
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Venue: Star of Phoenix @Kovan
RSVP: Anne at 97304800 or anne@starofphoenix.org
Fee: FOC. By private invitation only

Great Planetary Changes are happening in the FIVE elements of air, earth, fire, water and ether all around the Mother Earth.

We are all feeling it as we prepare for 2018.

There are two auspicious dates in December when a paradigm shift in consciousness is entirely possible. The 12:12 Portal of Evolution opens on December 12, and stays open through the Solstice Portal on December 22, 2016. The full spectrum of energies surrounding both these dates have set into motion gatherings all over the world.

Science has proven, through what has been called the Maharishi Effect, that it takes only 7000 dedicated souls holding Peace and Divine Love within their beings to create a shift of consciousness in the hearts of 7 billion people on Earth.

The 12/12 portal is an energetic doorway through which intense waves of energy of a higher vibration is ushered into the planetary consciousness to further assist the joint awakening of the planet as well as its inhabitants/ The planet wanting to sustain herself in the highest way possible has shifted into a physical space where it is now possible for her to receive energetic frequencies that are higher in vibration and are more able to assist her in healing from the abuse she has been subjected to. This re-birthing process was made less painful by the collective heart of the awakened ones who have banded together to spared love and compassion.

Now with the advent of the 12/12 portal there has come a time of both deep introspection and rebirth as well as renewal for all. The old dense energy that was acceptable when earth was slow and dense is no longer compatible with her now that she has sped up and enlightened her resonance. Those who whsih to seek the higher vibrational frequencies of enlightenment along with her must do the cleansing work in order to raise their own vernation. This means letting go of pat behaviours, attitude and relationships that no longer serve you. This is done not out of fear or judgement with neither condemnation or superiority but because there is a true desire of the heart to reach out to source and merge more completely with their divinity.

A lot is happening on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels including the removal of old codes, old energy, ancient negative timelines being ripped apart via these Gateways and Portals. Both physically for those on the Ascending timelines and on the physical planet with volcanoes erupting like Mount Agung in Bali, fires burning off the old density and old codes like in southern California. All of this making it vastly easier to breathe, live, exist, and embody more easily in 3D physicality moving into higher dimensions.

The 12/12 Portal Opening is ushering a whole new level of Galactic Light energy, Galactic consciousness, Light energy, Light Codes and universal energies that are being embodied by us right now. Helping us to understand much more higher information about what is happening for us right now. This is what’s happening for us right now.

Together, Miracle King, you and I will activate the Light Body Codes that will be able to hold the wave of Divine Love that culminates on the Solstice December 21.



About Mirakle King

Mirakle is a Sacred Sound Master, BreathLight Founder, MU Star Jewelry Designer, Ecstatic Dance DJ and Documentary Film Maker. Since the inception of his Global Ministry in 2005, He has led and co-facilitated life-affirming events all over America and the Islands of Hawai’i. He has led in-depth trainings, seminars, ceremonies & experiential retreats internationally in Japan, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Bali, Brazil and Singapore. He is a certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Instructor and Ecstatic Dance DJ known as Mikki MU. He has lived in Mt. Shasta, Kaua’i and Bali.

About Anne Phey

Anne Phey Is a gifted channeler and sound healer who can open up communications from the divine, archangels, ascended masters, galactic beings and guides for the collective and individuals. She devotes her life to opening up pathways of consciousness to help us discover our true birthright to self mastery. Her gentle, warm guidance enables us to uncover our true self, realize our hidden gifts, overcome tribulations, heal and transform, and most importantly, live our lives to our true purpose. Her deep love for those whom she guides empowers us with wisdom and strength for accelerated healing and transformation. Anne is a teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing L1/L1M and Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls. She is trained and heals with Serenity Vibration Healing Level 3, Sekhem Level 2, Pineal Toning, Waves, Sacred Symbols, Arhatic Yogi in Pranic Healing, Senior Meta-clinical Aromatherapy, Bazi Fengshui I-Ching Numerology and many others.


Anne Phey


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