Intuitive Reading With Channeling


When clarity is needed at life’s cross-roads, an intuitive reading with channeling provides clarity and perspective, release limitations, tap into your gifts and provide wisdom to help in your journey towards higher consciousness.


At different times of our lives, we come to cross roads where we may need some guidance or some clarity on our situation.  This is where an intuitive reading would be useful.

It can help provide clarity and wisdom to help in your journey, and give you the love, joy, peace and harmony needed.

In this intuitive reading, you will receive:

  • Personalized channeled guidance
  • Gain a perspective of your current situation
  • Release limitations in mind, emotions, behaviour
  • Tap into your potential gifts, guides and calling
  • Get advice on how to move on towards a life of higher consciousness

As a super-conscious channeler, Anne is an ambassador to  plenatary beings, ascended masters and various guides who may be on hand to share their wisdom.

What is channeling?

Channeling is receiving messages from higher dimensions and translated to our current earth’s dimension and reference.  This is similar to how one steps out of the narrow confines of the perceived situation in a two-dimensional linear view to gain a broader perspective in a higher dimension without the human constraints. If you believe that nothing is a coincidence, this will be a valuable session.

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: $200 per person

Skype available


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