Kaffir Lime Essential Oil



Kaffir lime is a fruit from Thailand often used as an ingredient in cooking, but little is known about the spiritual properties.  It is used for spiritual cleansing, such as space cleaning, aura cleansing, releasing negative energy or elementals.  Space cleaning is needed when moving into a new home, new office or shop, and also regular maintenance.  Aura cleansing is done when one is ill, feels depressed or after visiting the hospitals or funerals.  Releasing negativity is done when one faces challenges such as marital or relationship problems, job politics or insecurity, stress and addictions.

This pure Kaffir Lime essential oil is distilled from high quality lime fruit, skin, leaves and stems to fully encompass the energy of the plant.  Buddhist monks chant and bless the ingredients both before they are processed and after distillation, giving it a powerful spiritual purity.

How to use:

  • For space cleansing: Place 9 drops of Kaffir Lime Essential Oil in 500ml of water and clean the house, starting with the main door and all “chi” energy entry points.
  • For cleaning of singing bowls and ting sha cymbals: Place 3 drops of Kaffir Lime Essential Oil in a 150ml of water, dip a clean cotton cloth into the infused water, wring dry and wipe the bowls.


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