Manifest Your Mastery Through Ancient Egypt & Galactic Worlds (2017 Oct 28)

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Manifest Your Mastery Through Ancient Egypt & Galactic Worlds

Egypt has long been admired for its profound mysteries.  The ancient schools of mystery are hidden within the pyramids, temples and hieroglyphics. Many claim that the pyramids connect and communicate with planets.  How are these two worlds connected and what does it mean to us in real life?  We will share about the lesser known ancient history and relationship of the Galactic beings, Earth and Egypt.  Learn about how sacred symbols, sound, light language, crystals, grids and quantum reprogramming can help go after the foundational seeds of challenges and help you clear the path to your personal mastery.  Connecting to both Egypt and the Galactic worlds can activate our dormant DNAs for health, vitality and gifts to accelerate success. Come with us to re-write  your journey to create and manifest your mastery, and arise in the new wave of ascension.  Attendees get a chance to win a pyramid with crystals worth $25 to grid and manifest priceless divine intentions.

Recommended for those who wish to experience meditation, astral travel, archangel connections, healing and messages for their lives.


Event: Manifest Your Mastery Through Ancient Egypt & Galactic Worlds

Date: Saturday 28th October 2017

Time: 6:30pm to 7:10pm

Venue: Heart Mind Body Fest, Suntec Level 3 Concourse, Singapore

Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593.
5-min walk from Esplanade MRT. 10-min walk from Promenade MRT.

Energy Exchange: Free Mini Workshop




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