Practitioner Grade Tingsha Cymbals (Small)


Our tingshas are high quality practitioner grade Tibetan cymbals made from seven metals used. Each is 2.5 inches in diameter with thick widths that produce long notes with lasting harmonic overtones.  Each pair has  been perfectly matched in tone and hand selected for the best energy, clarity of sound and positive vibrations.

Used to create awareness of being in the present moment.  Promotes concentration and focus for work, studies and meditation.  Facilitates ease in taking longer and deeper breaths. Releases blockage in physical body and energy flow. Creates positivity and calm confidence. Elevates stress and worries. Lightens the spirit from grief and depression. Aids in healing hearing issues.


Tibetan cymbals are called Tingshas and are made of two cymbals joined together by a leather strap.  These cymbals are struck together, producing a clear, high pitched tone. Due to its thickness, it produces a unique long note with lasting harmonic overtones.

Each pair of tingsha produces a unique tone.  Most tingsha pairs are not perfectly matched with each piece producing a different tone.  However, this is where quality can be discerned, as fine and high quality Tibetan cymbals  or tingshas will be nearly identical.

Tibetan cymbals or tingshas are unique in form and function. They differ distinctly from Indian, Nepali, Chinese, Turkish or other cymbals.  The average size is 2.5 inches in diameter with large ones going up to 4 inches in diameter.

Traditionally used by Tibetan buddhist rituals, Tibetan cymbals or tingshas are now used to create focus and awareness. They are popularly used to signal the start and end of meditations.  They are also used with Singing Bowls as sound therapy.  Artists such as Karma Moffett and Joseph Feinstein use multiple pairs of tingsha together to create a sonic tapestry effect.

Tibetan cymbals or tingshas are useful to:

  • Release blockage in physical body and promote natural energy flow
  • Promote concentration and focus (for work, studies, meditation)
  • Create higher levels of awareness and consciousness
  • Facilitate ease in breathing and helps those with shallow breathing to take longer and deeper breaths
  • Help elevate stress and to let go of worries and burdens
  • Lighten the spirit when suffering depression and grief
  • Create positivity and calm confidence when insecure

The Tibetan cymbals and tingshas that we share are hand made, practitioner grade that are personally selected for the best energy, clarity of sound and positive vibrations. Have a listen and tell the difference.


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