Shift mindset with Aroma Freedom Technique and Sound Astrometry Therapy

Happiness is living our purpose

To be happy you need to live a life of purpose. Happiness is not a goal in and of itself; it is a side-effect of doing what you are meant to do in this life. It involves giving your talents and abilities to a cause or a purpose that takes you beyond yourself. People who are living a purpose-filled life are not bothered by all the little things that can go wrong in a day – they are too focused on their mission to worry about such things.

The trouble is, most people have become disconnected from their dreams because, in the process of adjusting to life, they have lost themselves or they have lost their belief that they could reach their dreams.

Limiting beliefs, attitudes and memories in the sub-conscious

The restrictions we feel in life are a result of limiting beliefs, attitudes and memories that we have developed in the process of growing. You will see how traumatic events can cloud our ability to approach life in an open way. Even mildly upsetting events can shape our future attitudes significantly.

Unpleasant or disturbing memories may be temporarily lost to your conscious mind, but they are permanently etched into your subconscious and cellular memory. Traumatic experience recorded within our consciousness, exist as living, buried memories. When unresolved, they can create obstacles to your life’s happiness, judgement and success in many areas – domestic, personal, social and career-wise.

Our limbic and emotional brain can be re-wired

David Steward PhD (Author of Healing Oils of the Bible and 16 other books) says that it is a well-established fact that, when inhaled, essential oils directly enter our limbic system, our emotional brain, where traumatic and upsetting experiences of your life are noted and catalogued into your body’s memory.

We can use our sense of smell, your most primitive and emotionally potent sense, to re-wire your brain in the direction of alignment with your dreams.

Aroma, especially that of a pure essential oil, has the power to soften the emotionally charged memories and modify our resulting attitudes.

Ready to gain clarity of your mindset and shift your attitude and emotions towards your goals? We can use Therapeutic Essential Oils, Aroma Freedom Technique and Sound Therapy to create a breakthrough.

We can learn how to gain clarity of your mindset and shift your attitude and emotions towards your goals. Make a quick but effective shift with Sound Astrometry which harmonizes the body into theta harmony and Aroma Freedom Technique created by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus to a) Quickly shift your mindset, attitude and emotions; b) Improve motivation and confidence; c) Break through barriers to success in business, love or wellness; d) Help yourself or others to live a life of passion and purpose.

Aroma Freedom Technique is a quick method to shift mindset, attitude and emotions.

The Aroma Freedom Technique is a method created by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus with over 20 years of experience. He combines psychology and aromatherapy to identify and transform thoughts, feelings, and memories. It uses pure essential oils in conjunction with specialized awareness techniques.

Dr. Perkus has created a means, through Aroma Freedom Technique to discover your inner thoughts and feelings that block your success and personal fulfillment on any and all levels – professionally, domestically, financially or personally. It is a process to identify and clear the way for the goals and dreams to manifest.  Mental Health Professionals can help clients move more quickly and deeply trough painful memories and into emotional freedom.

This is accomplished by directly addressing your limbic brain through the vehicle of certain aromas. Through the AFT method, you can be clear and free from the hidden bondages that limit your success in life.  It helps one to employ or receive for greater happiness, social and domestic harmony. personal accomplishment and fulfillment.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) helps to a) Quickly shift your mindset, attitude and emotions; b) Improve motivation and confidence; c) Break through barriers to success in business, love or wellness; d) Help yourself or others to live a life of passion and purpose.

Sound AstrometryTM activates Theta brain waves to harmonize  body, mind and emotions.

Sound AstrometryTM is a signature program by Certified Meta-physical Aromatherapist Anne Phey that takes one on a planetary sound journey to discover more of one’s multi-dimensional self.  The sound vibrations moves one to deep Theta brain wave frequencies that induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. The sound frequency impacts the sympathetic nervous system, engages the relaxation reflex, slows down the respiratory, brain and heart rate, and disrupts the pain reflex creating a deep sense of well being.  It harmonizes the cells, balance the body’s energy system.


“I have been doing affirmations & spiritual work for over 25 years. I have accomplished a lot of what I wanted in life but I was feeling stuck. During the AFT session with Dr. Perkus he identified key areas that were keeping me stuck in the past. I had to release some old baggage & guilt . I was able to acknowledge and change how I was sabotaging my journey into wellness. Afterwards I felt so much lighter & free. Now, several weeks later, I am feeling better than ever. Amazing!“  S.G., Ithaca, NY

“After the AFT session i felt completely relaxed and I felt a heavy burden was lifted from me. During the session everything was in a nice flow and it felt good. The clearing went quite fast unlike other session were i sometimes got stuck. I will now diligently do my affirmation!  Annette H. (Claudia Hofmaier’s client)

“I received Sound AstrometryTM healing session in my frayed state of late. The experience was very therapeutic, intriguing and liberating. It helped me to find my own inner healing and peace.” Eileen C., Singapore

“Anne is a gifted healer and wonderful channeler of love and light. She works at different dimensional levels with  sacred song and light language. Her ability to connect with people is wonderful! I highly recommend Anne for all dimensional healing.” Tracy Maunder, UK.

Testimonial from multiple AFT Sessions

I can remember the first session so vividly and how much it woke me up.

It was like a slap in the face that this is what I needed personally to not only be successful in my career but to also grow as a person. I was going through a messy break-up and my mind was reeling from being so utterly lost about who I am. My intention was to be open to love wherever it comes from and I remember the rating being at about 3. When I asked myself why, I felt like I just cannot be loved. It made me feel sad and I felt my chest tightening up.

Then a surge of images came to me from the past where I was abandoned after everything I gave to that person. I felt worthless and unloved like I was incapable of love because I wasn’t enough. At that point during our first AFT session i wanted to cry but I smelled the Essential Oil Blend and just like that all my doubts about myself felt lighter and calmer. The new belief started coming in straight away and from there my affirmation was created which I’ve been doing religiously for almost a month and just like that I didn’t feel the need to do it daily anymore. On top of that, whenever the need for new AFT sessions on myself come up, the new belief came in right after I inhaled the Essential Oil Blend. Even when I was having a hard time pin-pointing to a specific memory.

For instance, once I had a hard time selecting a memory because there was a fleeting of images that came to me but I decided to move on and inhale the Essential Oil Blend anyways, and all of a sudden everything made sense. I did another round of it after and it all clicked.

I’m already feeling like I’ve progressed personally from that first session and now I’m currently working on my progression. So much to look forward to!

Next Steps

Come for the workshop conducted jointly by Anne Phey and Claudia Hofmaier on Thu 8 Sep 7:30pm ( or contact Anne Phey to arrange private sessions at

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  • Sunny Panjabi

    Amazing…so many of us get bogged in day to day disturbing events and lose our peace. You are spot on, when you have a life of purpose, these things cease to matter and you emanate a positive energy that magnetically attracts the right people and circumstances to you!

  • April Py

    Very good blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get feedback from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


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