I have been blessed to work with many beautiful people. Here are some of their comments:


“I met Anne and realised that she is a gifted healer and wonderful channeler of love and light. She works at different dimensional levels which include sacred song and light language. Her ability to connect with people is wonderful! I highly recommend Anne for all dimensional healing.”
Tracy Maunder, Chartered Physiotherapist, London, UK  <Received Sound Astrometry TM  channeling with light language & sacred songs>


“Anne is an exceptionally gifted individual. She is in tune wth the divine and has a gift of love and light to all beings. Her messages from the masters are truly inspirational. She has a calling from the divine to help all. Her songs from the divine are truly out of this world. Thank you Anne for everything. Continue your good work to humanity.”

Satvinder Kaur, Singapore <Received Sound Astrometry TM  channeling with light language & sacred songs>


“I usually find it hard to meditate, but I love it when Anne conducts her sessions as it is so easy.  As Anne sang, I closed my eyes and saw bright light and many multi-colour rainbow light circles running up and down like musical notes from the ceiling to the floor. I feel love and at peace.”

Maimunah Ali, Singapore  <Received Sound Astrometry TM  channeling with light language & sacred songs>


“During the sound healing meditation, I could not believe my eyes that I saw Archangels Michael and Raphael spiral down from heaven into the room. This is the first time that I experience seeing angelic beings. Thanks to Anne, this was the start of the awakening of my intuition and senses. Since then, my intuitive abilities has grown.”

Jeevi Muralidharan, Singapore  <Received Sound Astrometry TM>


“This weekend I have been making an attempt at experiencing a little of a peaceful entry into the upcoming week ahead. Trying to prepare myself mentally to cope with the onslaught.  I experienced a musical modality of meditation and chilled out at Anne‘s wonderfully peaceful and liberating ancient Tibetan singing bowl concert performance this afternoon. I certainly feel blessed by this lady.”

Eileen Chua, Singapore  <Received Sound Astrometry TM Meditation>

“This was so peaceful I entered a deep, restful state where the sound was like a gentle rumble; the calm after a storm. This is unlike any sound meditation I have been to 🙂 The synergy was exquisite. My first time hearing more than one practitioner play together with such harmony, you literally could not tell who was playing when! The subtlety of the grounding sounds was like a lullaby into an atmospheric wonderland.”

Pamela Ng, Singapore  <Attended Trio Singing Bowl Concert>

“I had energy and crystal healing for my second degree burns and skin graft.  I could feel the tingling sensation at the burn areas on my upper hand and shoulder as the crystal wand move. I could feel the negative energies being warded off. It was amazing!”

Brenda Bay, Singapore <Received Crystal & Energy 1-on-1 Healing Session>

“I received an ancient Tibetan singing bowl healing meditation session from Anne who was concerned about my frayed state of late. Thank you, Anne, for your gift of blessing. The experience was very therapeutic and intriguing at the same time. I was amazed our bodies can produce different tunes from the singing bowls. If you wish to find out more about such a healing or meditation modality to find your own inner healing and peace, do attend her sessions.”

Eileen Chua, Singapore <Received Sound Astrometry TM  1-on-1 healing session>

“I felt relaxed during and after the healing. I could feel the slight movements in the body, especially where the singing bowl was played and was amazed to see many colours in my ‘sleep’.”

Brenda Bay, Singapore <Received Sound Astrometry TM  1-on-1 healing session>

“Thank you so much! Very impressed and eye opening. I was so relaxed I woke up thinking it was Sunday. I stay on the 9th story and I can smell the coffee aroma from downstairs in the middle of the night at 3am.  I’m very impressed your ‘dan tian’ is so powerful, a lot more to learn from you.”

Serina Leong, Singapore <Attended Pineal & Voice Toning class>


“Through the Pleiadian meditation, I was raised to higher dimensions and I was able to see the Pleiadians and planetary beings.  My gifts are revealed to me.”

Jeevi Muralidharan, Singapore  <Received Pleiadian Meditation & Channeling>


“After the full moon Sound Astrometry TM meditation in Nepal, I started to hear my light language the next day  and am amazed at the opening up of my spiritual gifts.”

Jen, Jakarta, Indonesia  <Received Sound Astrometry TM  meditation>


“The tingshas have been great, simple to use and yet helps to clear my mind, finds clarity as I focus on the sound of the bells. Have never been so attentive to the sound vibrations, feeling it penetrating the skin, providing a whole-body simultaneous internal and external massage.”

Talleah Teo, Singapore <Attended Singing Bowls Level 1 Class>